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Toasted Fis-Chic Ravioli


- Package of ravioli (either fresh or   frozen) - Drum Rock Product's Fis-Chic or   Spicey-Fry - Canola Oil - Pan or pot at least 3" deep

- Marinara sauce - Parmesan Cheese - Water

If using frozen ravioli, allow to completely thaw before cooking

1. Pour canola oil until it is about 2" deep in your pan or pot and place on burner at medium-high heat

2. Next comes the coating.  I used Drum Rock Fis-Chic, but if you want a little more spice you can use Drum Rock Spicey Fry or a combination of the two.  In one bowl, pour a generous amount of Fis-Chic.  The amount really depends on how much ravioli you are going to be cooking.  I cooked 9 pieces of pasta, used around a cup of Fis-Chic, and still had a bunch left over.  In the other bowl, combine one parts mix and two parts water (to equal about the amount you poured in the first bowl) and stir with a fork.

3. With the ravioli resting on a baking sheet with paper towel underneath, individually coat the ravioli first in the Fis-Chic wash (the wet one), and then the dry.  Place back on the paper towel.  Now we wait for the oil.

4. At this point the oil should be hot enough to cook with (350° F).  An easy way to gauge if the oil is ready is by sticking the end of a wooden spoon in.  If little bubbles come off the spoon, the oil is ready.  VERY CAREFULLY drop each piece of ravioli into the hot oil remembering that hot oil can splash and can burn.  I've done it.  It's not fun.  So please be careful.  Let the ravioli bounce around in the oil until they are golden brown (this does not take long at all) and then remove the ravioli with a wooden slotted spoon.  Place the ravioli back onto the paper towel to drain.

5. I used marinara for sauce but you can really get creative with this part.  Try a white sauce or even a chocolate sauce if you are feeling adventurous.  Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top and serve while hot.  Mmmm Mmmm Delicious.

Happy Experimenting!


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