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Drum Rock Products, located in Warwick, Rhode Island, has been manufacturing and blending batter/breader and fritter & clam cake mixes using the freshest and highest quality ingredients since 1950. The founders of Drum Rock Products, the McCabe family, carefully developed and perfected the Fis-Chic Wonder Batter and Fritter & Clam Cake Mix, using only all natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. The original McCabe family recipe is a tradition we at Drum Rock proudly carry on to this day. 

The Hinger family has owned and operated Drum Rock since 1993.  

We are SQF certified, Kosher certified, and HAACP certified.


The Drum Rock Specialty Company Inc. was founded by Edward McCabe, Sr. in 1950. Starting out as a venture, Mr. McCabe began by blending a unique clam cake mix, which eventually came to be the Fritter & Clam Cake Mix still manufactured today. As the business continued to grow, he developed a second product, our well known Fis-Chic Wonder Batter.  Today we have an increased selection of all purpose batters & breaders. 

For many years the products were delivered to local restaurants and shore dinner halls directly by Drum Rock. But as its reputation for quality products and service grew, many restaurants throughout New England were using our products. In order to meet the increase in demand and to better service loyal customers, the company began to utilize food service distributors as its delivery vehicle. To this day, a large number of local, regional, and national food service distributors stock Drum Rock products, enabling easy and convenient access for all those who utilize the product line.

The Drum Rock in Warwick, RI


The 'Drum Rock' name comes from an historic stone formation located in Warwick, believed to have been set in place by the Narragansett Indian Tribe long before European settlers arrived in Rhode Island. Resembling a stone-age turtle, the 'drum rock' is actually a 3-ton stone (measuring 10 feet long, 6 feet wide, and about 2 feet thick) that is set on top of a base rock. When the stone is rocked, it is said that it can be heard as far away as Providence (about 10 miles away), and even across Narragansett Bay.

Local Native Americans used the rock to drum out information to tribes in the area. It is said the Drum Rock of Warwick, RI was one of several rocks in New England that sent signals. The Native Americans would place rocks within range of each other so signals could be sent from one rock to the next, serving as a primitive telegraph. The Drum Rock sends sound signals when the smaller stone is rocked back and forth on top of the larger base stone. It is said that the rocking stone produces a sound like a horse cantering on frozen ground.

The name sake rock of Drum Rock Products is located in the Apponaug section of Warwick, RI. Over 50 years ago, the rock was repositioned on its base so it could not be rocked in order to stop the group of vandals drumming the rock at all hours of the night and disturbing local residents. In 1984, the rock was donated to the City of Warwick by George Pesce and Arnie Brier of Commercial Realty after they acquired the land on which the Drum Rock rested. At that time, the stone was repositioned on its base so it could sound out again. The Drum Rock was formally dedicated in a ceremony on August 18, 1984.

The original Drum Rock Products company logo depicted a Native American standing on top of the Warwick Drum Rock, holding a bar of gold to show that Drum Rock products are as good as gold.  This logo was retired in 2021.

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