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Spicey Fry Onion Rings


- Drum Rock Products Spicey Fry or Fis-Chic (I used Spicey Fry here)- Vidalia Onions/ Sweet Onions-Water- 2 mixing bowls- Frying Oil- Fryolator 1. Fill fryolator with oil and turn to 350 degrees F.   2. While waiting for the fryolator to reach full heat, cut your onions.  I cut up one medium size Vidalia Onion and it served two to three people.  You can change the thickness according to your preference, but try not to go more than 1/4 of an inch.  

3. Next, in one bowl pour a generous amount of spicey fry, and in the other pour two parts water and one part mix to equal the amount in the first bowl.  

4.  When the oil is up to temp, dip the sliced onion first into the wet mixture, letting it drip before transferring it to the dry mixture.  Coat the onion in the dry mixture, then tap the excess off.  

5. Take the onions and very gently place into the fryolator.  Cook until golden brown.  Let drain, then dry on paper towel.  Serve hot.  



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