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Spicey Blooming Onion

Spicey Blooming Onion

If you enjoy eating dinner out at a restaurant (and, really, who doesn't), then chances are that you have heard of – or even enjoyed – a blooming onion. Popularized by the Outback Steakhouse, this delicious dish has been adopted by other chains and many smaller restaurants, each as tasty as the next. But let’s be honest, eating out all the time can get pretty expensive, so it’s nice to have an idea of how to make some of these restaurant treats at home and on the cheap. Fortunately, Drum Rock is here to help! Today we’re showing you just how easy it is to put this legendary appetizer on your table – the Spicey Blooming Onion.

Spicey Blooming Onion

Ingredients: 2 or 3 large sweet onions 

Drum Rock Products Spicey-Fry 


2 large mixing bowls 



Metal spoon or ladle


1. Using a large, sharp knife, slice about ½ inch off the pointed bulb end of the onion, making sure to leave the rooted end intact. Peel off the skin and remove what you can of the roots so the onion is clean.      Tip:  You want to use the largest onions you can find, and try to pick ones that appear the most symmetrical. Also, we placed our onions in the freezer for about 30 minutes prior to cutting – it helps cut down on teary eyes.

2. Flip onion over (cut-side down) and, in an ‘+’ pattern, make 4 cuts at 90° to each other, starting ½ away from the root. With each cut, be sure to cut down through all the layers of the onion, but not too close to the root otherwise the blossom will fall apart.

3. Next, make another 4 cuts equally spaced between the first 4.

4. Finally, make 4 more cuts, so that you have 16 evenly spaced slices. This final cut is hardest, so be careful!

5. Once cut, carefully spread apart the petals; if needed, slice any petals that are not separated.

6. Place the onions in an ice water bath for about an hour. This trick helps the onion blossom to fully open before cooking. After an hour, place the onions cut-side down on a paper towel for a few minutes to drain excess water. 7. Fill the fryolator with oil and turn to 350° F. 8. Add 3-4 cups of Drum Rock Spicey-Fry to a large mixing bowl (the larger the bowl, the easier it will be; we used a large plastic bin). Dust each onion thoroughly with the dry mix, and shake off excess.

9. In another bowl add 1 ½ cups of dry Fis-Chic, and slowly add about 2 cups water, one ½ cup at a time (the wash should be thick enough to lightly coat your finger, or the back of a spoon). 10. Transfer onions to the wet batter. Make sure to coat all petals thoroughly so that the final coat will stick. Allow excess to drip off before transferring back to the dry mix. Again, make sure to separate and coat each petal well, so that the onion is completely battered.

11. Once the oil is up to temp, gently place the first onion in the fryolator with the cut-side facing down. Allow to cook for approximately 2 minutes, then carefully turn the onion over for an additional 45-60 seconds. Once you flip the onion over, use a ladle to carefully spoon some of the hot oil into the center of the petals (this is to ensure that the middle is cooked thoroughly).

12. Remove onion from the oil and place on a paper towel to drain slightly. Repeat with the remaining onions. Optional: Place onion upright in a shallow bowl and remove center core with circular cutter or apple corer so you have a spot to put your favorite dipping sauce.

The idea of making a Blooming Onion at home might seem a little daunting at first, but don't let that stop you. It really isn’t as difficult as at you might think and it is more than worth it. Just give it a shot and before you know it you’ll have a restaurant-worthy appetizer that is sure to impress your guests. Enjoy!

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