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Fried Strawberries

Fried Strawberries

With May quickly coming to an end and the summer season right around the corner, we thought we'd bring you a delicious take on the classic strawberry shortcake.  And since May is National Strawberry Month, there is no better time to show you how to make these sweet, warm, crispy treats. So grab a pint of fresh berries,  open a bag of Drum Rock and heat up your deep fryer with us, as we make our dessert of the week - Fried Strawberries. Fried Strawberries


1 pint of fresh strawberries

2 cups of Drum Rock Fis-Chic

about 1 cup of water

Oil for frying

Fryolator Directions: 1. Fill the fryolator with oil and turn to 350° F. 2. While the oil is heating, wash and hull the strawberries. Pat dry and set aside.

3. Add 2 cups of Fis-Chic to a large mixing bowl and slowly stir in the water, about a ½ cup at a time, until you get a mix with a consistency that is a thick pancake-like batter. 4. Once oil is up to temp, use a fork to coat the strawberries in the batter. Once the berries are completely coated,  use the fork to carefully place (not drop!) them in the hot oil. Be sure to work in batches of 4-6 berries so you do not overload the fryer.

5. These should take about 1 minute to cook; make sure to turn them over during cooking so they get golden brown on all sides. Once cooked, remove from oil using the fry basket and place on a paper plate or towel to drain. Cool slightly before serving.

Freshly-picked strawberries are yummy all on their own, but they are transformed into a delectable and totally irresistible treat when dipped in Drum Rock and fried to perfection. Believe us, when you wrap those super sweet berries in a warm, crispy, crunchy layer of Fis-Chic, they are just out of this world! We tried a few strawberries fresh from the fryer and they were certainly good, but what really did the trick was a generous dusting of confectionery sugar. This took these little nuggets of yum to the next level and truly brought to mind a slice of homemade strawberry shortcake. And doesn't a drizzle of Nutella or a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side with some strawberry coulis sound just as incredible? We certainly think so! And the best part is that they are super simple to make! In just 20 minutes and 5 easy steps you have a unique and sophisticated homemade treat that will give any strawberry dessert a run for its money.  So give Drum Rock Fried Strawberries a try today, or serve them at your next picnic or BBQ.  You'll be glad you did!!



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