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Spicey Shrimp

Spicey Shrimp

For those who love seafood, fried shrimp is a classic that definitely can’t be beat. So today we thought we’d bring you a simple recipe for shrimp fried up with Drum Rock Spicey-Fry. This is a quick, easy, and simply delectable treat that is at home on any appetizer or dinner party menu. It’s time for something delicious – Spicey Fried Shrimp. Spicey Shrimp


2 pounds of shrimp (if fresh, peeled and deveined; if frozen, defrosted)

4 ½ cups Drum Rock Spicey-Fry

2 cups water

2 large mixing bowls

Oil for frying


Tongs Directions: 1. Fill the fryolator with oil and turn to 350° F. 2. If working with fresh shrimp, thoroughly peel and clean them. If your shrimp are frozen, make sure they are completely defrosted before cooking.

3. Add 3 cups of Drum Rock Fis-Chic to a large mixing bowl. In another bowl add 1 ½ cups of dry Fis-Chic, and slowly add about 2 cups water until desired consistency is reached (the wash should be thick enough to lightly coat your finger, or the back of a spoon). 4. Place the shrimp in the dry mix; coat well, shake off excess, then transfer to the wet wash. Coat, allow excess to drip off, then transfer back to the dry mix. Make sure to get a good dredge so that you get a nice crunchy coating. 5. Once the oil is up to temp, work in batches, frying about 5 or 6 shrimp at a time; don’t crowd the fryer. They should take just about 1 minute to cook through; make sure to turn so that all sides are golden brown.

6. Once cooked, remove from the oil and allow to drain on paper towels. Enjoy plain, or with a side of your favorite dipping sauce.

These Spicey Shrimp are by far the quickest and easiest way to enjoy shrimp served up as an appetizer. They have a perfectly balanced heat that complements the delicate flavor of the shrimp better than any other mix you can find. If you'd like, feel free to serve some of your favorite dip on the side, but we think these shrimp speak for themselves. In the words of our resident authority on all things Drum Rock, "These babies are just beggin' for a beer!" So grab a bag of Spicey-Fry, some shrimp, and your favorite brew, and give these babies a try tonight! You'll be happy you did!!



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