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Fried Oreos

Fried Oreos

We all have seen those booths at state fairs.  You know, the ones who fry everything? Kool-aid, laffy taffy, and butter are some of the wacky things we have heard of, but today we are going to give you the simple steps to make a state fair classic... fried Oreos. If you're not intrigued you should be because these are a sure crowd-pleaser.  Ready for the recipe?

Fried Oreos

- 2 cups Drum Rock Products Fis-Chic - 2 cups water - package of oreos - oil for frying - fryollator or deep pan

1. Heat oil in fryollator or pan to 350 degrees F

2. In bowl, mix 2 cups Fis-Chic and 2 cups water until most of the lumps are gone.  You can play with the proportions of the Fis-Chic and water depending on how thick you want the coating outside the Oreo to be.

3. Once up to temp, dip oreos into batter, allow to drip, then fry on each side for around 2 minutes (or until a light golden brown).  Let cool on a paper towel.

These Oreos should melt in your mouth and are sure to have you running to the front of the line at the frying booth at your next state fair.



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